Your Choices Affect The Animals

The Animals

Your Choices Affect the Animals

As humans we are stewards of the Earth not masters. Because we have been blessed with intelligence and compassion, we have been entrusted to have dominion over every living thing on this planet. All animals should be entitled to their lives and given respect for their basic desire to feel pleasure and excitement while avoiding pain and suffering. Animals have a right to not be bred, raised, captured, bought, sold and killed for human gains, even if these things are done in a humane way. It’s just plain wrong! It’s wrong regardless if it’s healthy or not and regardless if it’s bad for the planet. We need to regain the compassion we once had as children and re-evaluate our beliefs. Veganism is the only ethical and morally acceptable lifestyle…Period! Your Choices control the demand!

Family Dairy
Dairy Industry

Family Dairy

The following was taken at a small dairy farm just outside Barcelona, Spain. We Animals teamed up with Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality) to launch an

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