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We’re so glad you are here because that means you have an interest in educating yourself on the impact of your choices. We need to understand the consequences of our choices and be responsible enough to make what we feel are not only the right choices, but the only choices.

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If you are anything like us, you’ve spent your entire life feeding your family what you believed to be a healthy well-balanced diet. Following the nutrition guidelines and consuming foods from all of the recommended food groups such as, fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, milk and dairy. In fact, rarely ever aware of the true origin and consequences of the products you consume. At the same time, never truly taking into consideration the effect on your health, the cost in natural resources or the price the animals pay for each choice you make. Hopefully, together we can help you start to make these connections.

Our Education Begins

We got our “wake-up call” from Anna (Michelle’s youngest daughter) after she adopted a vegan lifestyle. She started by planting a few seeds here and there. Occasionally suggesting a few videos. Eventually, even loaning us her copy of “The China Study” book. Above all, her resolve and continued persistence was intriguing to us. So over the next few months, we made multiple trips to the library and spent hours reading. Additionally, we watched countless documentaries, videos and interviews. Constantly wanting to learn more from the medical professionals doing the nutritional research and the activists trying to liberate the animals.

Piecing It Together

It was eye opening, the more we learned the more we could not believe how wrong we had been our whole lives. The fact that we were being misled by these industries and government made us angry. We felt stupid for not having realized it ourselves. Finally, we were ashamed of the needless suffering that we humans inflict on the other species of this planet. Like most vegans, we only wish that we would have made the connection sooner than we did!

We Needed Help

We struggled at times to find the resources necessary to help us start our transition to a vegan lifestyle. Therefore, our hope is that the information here will help you reach a level of awareness and understanding needed to make these connections. It’s important to realize your choices DO matter.

Thank you Anna for starting it all!

– Michael & Michelle

Page Descriptions

The Animals – Information on some of the animal industries that your choices affect.
The Planet – Information on some of the environmental concerns that your choices affect.
Your Health – Information on some of the chronic health issues your choices affect.
Recommended – A list of recommended books, cookbooks, films, websites and videos that we found helpful.
Doctors – A list of medical doctors who inspired us the most to adopt a whole foods plant-based diet.
Activists – A list advocates that we found to be the most influential.
FAQ – Answers to some of the most common questions vegans get asked.
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Our Mission – See what motivated us to create this website.
Recipes – Some of the vegan recipes that we enjoy.