Gary Yourofsky

Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today & Tomorrow

"No human influenced me to become vegan. The screaming, terrified, enslaved animals were the only influence needed."

- Gary Yourofsky


Animal rights activist, educator and lecturer.
Founded Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow (ADAPTT).


Oakland University (BA, Journalism)
Specs Howard School of Media Arts


Breaking Free 2 (2001)
Vegan 2015 (2015)
Vegan is the Only Answer (2016)
Vegan 2016 (2016)
Israel (2016)
The Garden of Vegan: The Growth of Veganism in Israel (2017)

The Excuses Speech, 2014
The Animals

The Excuses Speech, 2014

A life-changing speech by Gary Yourofsky, an animal liberation activist, national lecturer and founder of ADAPTT, a non-profit organization based in the US. The speech

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Killing ‘em with Kindness
The Animals

Killing ‘em with Kindness

How could ENSLAVING and SLAUGHTERING BILLIONS of INNOCENT beings be done with love, humanity and concern? In less than 3 minutes I explain the insanity

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