Dr. Richard Oppenlander, DDS

"our current food choices detrimentally affect climate change and global warming more so than do all the cars, planes, trucks, buses, and trains used worldwide."

- Dr. Richard Oppenlander, DDS


Environmental activist, educator, author and lecturer.
Founder of Inspire Awareness Now.


University of Michigan (DDS)


Comfortably Unaware (2011)
Food Choice and Sustainability (2013)


Sea of Life (2017)
Food Choices (2016)
Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

Sea of Life (2017)
The Planet

Sea of Life (Documentary)

With access to renowned environmental experts and breathtaking underwater cinematography, Sea of Life takes audiences on a provocative journey, through the most stunning and threatened

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Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)
The Animals

Cowspiracy (Documentary)

Animal agriculture is the most destructive industry facing the planet today.”Exposing the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture through drones, hidden & handheld cameras, the

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Comfortably Unaware
The Planet

Comfortably Unaware (Book)

With unapologetic disclosures, Oppenlander professes his concern for the state of the planet, while charging that many renown spokespersons who tout responsible and sustainable living

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Inspire Awareness Now
The Planet

Inspire Awareness Now (Website)

Inspire Awareness Now substantially curbs or solves many major interconnected world problems by providing a comprehensive public platform of information about the realities of our

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