Your Choices Affect The Planet

The Relationship Between Your Food and Our Future

Dr. Oppenlander, in a special presentation at the Hawaii State Capitol Auditorium, guides his audience through a fact filled journey of critical time lines regarding the food choice-animal agriculture environment connection, revealing why humanity is currently on a path of pseudo-sustainability…with time running out for us. Along the way, Dr. Oppenlander provides unique perspectives, shocking statistics, re-defining of key terms and words, while offering creative, never seen before solutions and insights—all wrapped in an entertaining, engaging, and compelling lecture. He offers additional insights on Hawaii’s present and future, as well as the world’s. Dr. Richard Oppenlander is a sustainability consultant, researcher, and author whose award-winning first book, Comfortably Unaware, is endorsed as a must-read by Ellen DeGeneres and Dr. Jane Goodall, among others. Dr. Oppenlander’s most recent book titled Food Choice and Sustainability has won numerous awards including the 2014 International Book Award and the 2014 Green Book Festival Award and is being used by think tanks and strategists for developing initiatives to advance global change. Dr. Oppenlander is a much sought after international lecturer on the topic of food choice and how it relates to sustainability, speaking most recently to the European Parliament, and served as the lead consultant for two full-length environmental documentary films. Dr. Oppenlander has spent the past 40 years studying the effects food choices have on our planet and on us.

Video credit:Vegetarian Society of Hawaii

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